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Performance Coaching

Cutting edge burn-out prevention, personal growth and coaching

We are BrainBody Institute

Mastering stress & burnout since 2012

In this challenging era, stress and burnout are everywhere it seems. It effects millions of lives everywhere every day. Absenteeism in workplaces is higher then ever and loads of people feel miserable or unhappy. The BrainBody Institute, founded by former olympian and renowned coach Louis Wijdenbosch, develops personalised programs to combat stress, anxieties and burn-out. At the same time, we provide tools to help develop a growth mindset.

A sound mind, in a sound body
Happiness and performing are just as important and are the basics of a cohesive approach, based on top sport values. The company's motto isn't surprisingly: Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, or: a sound mind, in a sound body.

Tackle route causes
All our programs are based on numerous psychological studies and are designed to tackle root causes and have lasting effect. By combining psychology and sport into personalised strategies, you’ll be able to live your best life. Both physically and mentally. 

Burnt out? Take the test.

Take the online test which takes 5 mins. to find out how close you are to a burnout.

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Some of our clients

Personal growth

12 weeks recovery/prevention program

What happens mentally and physically when you experience stress? Some people may experience stress earlier than others, but too much stress often results in the same thing: fight, flight or freeze. In 12 weeks we help you reduce your stress moments. Of course there will always be moments of stress, but you will be better equipt then ever to tackle them.

Personal Solutions

Happy = bigger and better

Happy workforce, less absenteeism

Mental and physical health is more important than ever. In addition to combating burnout complaints and keeping absenteeism plus the associated costs low, healthy employees ensure a healthy company. Employees feel stronger, grow as a person and are able to deal with stress and pressure better. 

Corporate Solutions

BrainBody Institute helped our teams to recognise and monitor their stress levels. How to cope and manage them, and how to prevent burnouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I obligated to complete the 12 week program?

No, you are not. We do highly recommend to commit yourself for at least 12 weeks to make a lasting change towards grow.

This is not working. Can I get my money back?

We highly doubt that this will happen. We are so sure of our programs, that yes, you can get your money back if you do not experience any results.

Are the programs personalised?

Yes, each and every program is tailored to the wants and needs of the person or organisation that we work for. In al cases we rely on numerous (psychological) studies, and experience.

Olympic level

All our programs are created by psychomotorisch and physical therapist and Olympic coach, Louis Wijdenbosch.

Based on psychological studies

Our programs are based on numerous psychological studies.

Hundreds of happy clients

Our programs have been helping hundreds of people. They experience less stress, more resilience and less absenteeism in the workforce.

No cure, no pay

You don't experience any results? We highly doubt that this will happen. We are so sure of our programs, that yes, you can get your money back.

Corporate Health

Beat absenteeism and build a happier and more productive workforce.

Corporate Solutions

Personal Health

12 weeks to beat your burnout and build lasting resilience and tackling root causes.

Personal Solutions