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Stronger and happier staff

Drop your absenteeism costs with more than 20%

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A better corporate health plan

Mental and physical health is more important than ever. In addition to combating burnout complaints and keeping absenteeism plus the associated costs low, healthy employees ensure a healthy company. Employees feel stronger, grow as a person and are able to deal with stress and pressure better. 

Focus on teambuilding
At BrainBody Institute we offer a unique combination of mental and physical training that makes employees more resilient. This concept was developed from the professional sports vision that the brain influences the body and the body influences the brain. Performing isn't scary, as long as you have the right tools for it. The training courses are tailored to the position and personality of the employee on an individual level.

The result is an organization where employees feel strong, there is less absenteeism and employees experience more (work) happiness.

Become a better leader
Our leadership programs focus solely on becoming a better leader for your team. By growing as a person, developing leadership skills, and gaining more confidence, you become a true backbone for your team.

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13 billion Euro

Decline in wellbeing costs more

Absenteeism costs Dutch businesses 13 billion Euro in wages. But there's more than money on the table here. Absenteeism based on stress, burn-out and mental issues make up 37% of the total. That's a serious problem, not only in terms of wellbeing and financial consequences, but also in lack of production, relapsing after recovery, and happiness on the work floor.

While the numbers are recognized as alarming, it's even more alarming how little is done to bring down the numbers. Let us rephrase that... how little is done to bring down the numbers effective and lasting.

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The way forward

There is more

47% of all stress-related absenteeism, is work-related. That's almost half! As a business, it's important to understand, that's a direct relation with your company. The good news? You have a direct influence on this matter. So let's talk solutions!

From training sessions to personalised Corporate Health Solutions

Custom solutions

We offer a wide range of personalized and tailored solutions to improve the overall Corporate Health of your company. From a single session based on teamwork, fitness, and mental resilience, or we can be your turn-key Corporate Health partner, where we implement a complete program. Based on the targets we set together. Our professional team of trainers, coaches, psychotherapists doctors, former athletes, and physiotherapists is simply at your service.

Working with BrainBody really helped me gain the confidence and skills to become a true leader to my team.

Zack EliasDirector at Global

80% of our clients reach their goals

At the beginning of every program we set goals together with the client. This can vary from becoming mentally fit, physically fit, more empowered, develop more resilience, to how many weeks it will take to get back to work. With an 80% succesrats, it's save to say our programs work.

Get back on your feet, and back to work, faster

Not only do our programs prevent burnouts and other complaints. They also reduce the time it takes to get back to work once your in the middle of it. On average it takes 6 month to be 100% back on your feet. In those 6 months we slowly work towards that 100%.

75% recovers fully from their burnout

Our programs are especially tailored to each and every client. This way we takle root causes en prevent relaps. About 75% of our clients that experience a burnout, recover fully.

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