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BrainBody Leadership

In the BrainBody Leadership the relationship between the brain, the body and leadership is brought together in a top sport manner. The training provides insights based on a number of models and basic principles of the brain. In addition, cognitive physical training is used to stimulate awareness. They learn to apply this information to teams and individuals.
Among other things, productivity, efficiency, performance and involvement will increase.

At BrainBody Leadership it's all about developing self-awareness, one's own identity, talent / potential and improving mutual contact. Only when you have a good image of yourself, do you understand what happens in relation to others. They learn to become masters of their own brain and body in a unique way, thereby stimulating the development of the individual and / or team.

In top sport, a lot of use is made of various techniques to influence the focus, attention, flow, cooperation, visualization, concentration and task orientation.
During the BrainBody Leadership these techniques are used from a peak performance perspective, both in theory and in practice.